Underground Altena



Alga Marghen proudly present “Underground Altena”, two visionary long-form works by Anima Sound, the radically freedom-pursuing Paul & Limpe Fuchs duo. Year 1973 represented a peak for Anima sonic explorations into sculptural sound at the crossing of Kraut Rock, free jazz and experimental music. As Limpe recalls. “It was the wildest time of my life. Many German artists wanted to join the Freedom they got to know from the US.”
Even if Anima was in fact part of the Kraut Rock scene, they had a very distinct sound which was a result of the confluence of Paul “visionary” sculptural world and Limpe aural universe. Playing on self-built instruments also had a major role in building their specific sound which became more and more unique in the early 1970s as the Fuchhorn, the Fuchzither, the Fuchsbass and other sound sculptures were created
Heavily guided by Limpe’s unique approach to percussion playing and vocals, with Paul delivering a striking arsenal of tonal interventions on his invented instruments, “Underground” and “Altena” plays like the outer reaches of free jazz dropped in an alien landscape. Howling and clattering, entirely free and spontaneous, while never losing the sense of deep consciousness, purpose and control. Limpe wrote “In this time we had to fight on stage – and we liked it! We had followers and enemies - and they very clearly showed it in this very free time”
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