Songs To The Sirens



Comes with 8" 36-page handnumbered booklet
This work is loosely inspired by the title of a song by Tim Buckley included in his 1970 album "Starsailor" (a cover version by This Mortal Coil released in the '80s by 4AD was quite formative for me). My passion for the sea, observed, listened and lived mainly - but not only - from the beaches of my land and during winter
A solitary invocation, a project still open, in progress for several years during which the photographs and field recordings used for its composition were collected, and assembled in its musical component during the months of lockdown. The audio part opens with a track centered on the recording made on the morning of 23 February 2020, which then, ironically, would have been the last time I could see, hear and feel the sea before the forced isolation caused by the pandemic. The sensory lack - visual, auditive and olfactory - that I suffered the most during isolation was that of the sea. To overcome this lack - as far as possible - I have composed, produced and mixed the audio tracks which are part of this album. As usual in my work, the photographs and sounds are complementary to each other and make up a single emotional and sensorial body. A single contemporary, visual and auditory landscape. - Adriano Zanni
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