Oneohtrix Point Never, AKA Daniel Lopatin, has announced his new album Again, set for release September 29 via Warp. In Lopatin’s words the album is in part “a speculative autobiography,” a transmission, a spellbound backwash of digital languages and sonic paranoias, what’s remembered and what’s forgotten, all presented in OPN’s trademark melodic touch. Much like 2015’s Garden of Delete, Again germinated as a collaboration between Lopatin’s current and younger selves— this time, a meditation on his musical identity during young adulthood from the perspective of middle age. From there, Lopatin decoupled from the concept, and allowed the album to grow into a ‘illogical period piece’ where memory and fantasy converge to form something entirely new. The album imagines what might have been, as the musician made his music through space and time. Which decisions foreclosed some realities? What might those other worlds have sounded like?
The album’s artwork features an original sculpture by Matias Falkbakken, conceptualized in concert with Lopatin and photographed by Vegard Kleven. Design and packaging was developed by Memory, a newly formed collaboration between Lopatin and Online Ceramics (Elijah Funk & Alix Ross)
Again follows in the wake of OPN’s numerous critically acclaimed albums, including his most recent, 2020’s eponymous Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, on which he turned the dial towards his own inner frequencies, drawing from the origins of OPN as a means to discover a new found sense of levity and spirit during tumultuous times
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