Signs and Accuracy



"Signs and Accuracy" is the first collaborative work between Jon Wesseltoft and Niklas Adam and the austere title sets the mood from the start. The composition process as well as the interaction between the two artists, constitutes something new for both of them. The signs possess accuracy; they are a unified whole, materialized and executed within a singular and unexplored surrounding space
"Signs and Accuracy", out now on Coherent States, is music bordering between concrete weirdness and arrhythmic convulsions on electronics, computers and synths. Intricate combinations of form, at times minimal and other times filled with a sense of an implacable bleed-through to the boundaries of the contextual space, are projected through a succession of gradual and abrupt transitions thus giving form to the main core of this work as well as its varying dimensions. An eccentric mash up of broken rhythms, weird chocked electronics, computer programmed gamelan and gagaku meditation, steady tones, delightful serenity, borderline tension, esoteric noise bits and abrupt arrhythmic mash ups you can dance to with a broken leg. Imagine Autechre deciding to go Sissy Spacek on Radio Format. The entirety of "Signs and Accuracy" is framed by Paul van Trigt's collages
Jon Wesseltoft is a versatile electronics composer and musician based in Oslo, and have worked with noise, electro-acoustics, improvisation and experimental sound-work for over 20 years. Jon is besides doing solo and the odd collaborative work, a member of the long form project Tongues Of Mount Meru (with Lasse Marhaug) and harsh noise duo Maranata (with Dag Stiberg). Niklas Adam is a Danish artist, composer, recordist, performer and computer programmer. Adam has worked with stage art for a decade, where in addition to music the focus has been on developing choreography for robotic sculptures. Sound, movement, time and space are his main occupations
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