The Infinite Hour



'The Infinite Hour' is a shattered elegy synthesized in electronics. Furtherset’s music does not explain, settle or justify, it rather simply manifests the grip of anguish. As a whole, the album’s six compositions resemble the labored breathing of one who mourns a disappearance and fears oblivion. A feeling like having one’s chest weightened by a stone, while still being attentive to one’s breath, and aware of what remains. From this dimension The Infinite Hour arises and transfigures loss into a space that is always extending: the hour is infinite, the melody is circular, and even stasis has its own measure that is exceeded into eternity
The album was created between 2020 and 2022, in a slow process of writing and continuous refinement parallel to the previous EP, 'Auras'. The compositions found their final form during the mixing process carried out together with Bienoise. They were later named based on references to authors who influenced and are dear to Furtherset: Amelia Rosselli, Vladimir Chlebnikov, Hubert Damisch, Dante Alighieri. Each track, composed with its live rendition in mind, manifests itself to the listener as a possible variant of a path that is never definitive. Their live performance, an increasingly distinctive moment within Furtherset’s work, is a gesture of concentration and extension, where every composition is developed through meticulous variations of each singularity
'The Infinite Hour' is one possible manifestation of an ever-changing musical landscape, a universe with unmistakable sounds but always on the verge of disintegrating, collapsing, and opening up spaces, times, infinities. Furtherset is the musical project of artist and musician Tommaso Pandolfi (1995). His compositions’ distinctive traits are stratifications and recursive shifting modulations, synthetic clusters and sampling, alongside rhythmic and embracing harmonies. The project is envisaged as formal research that follows a path towards saturation and layering, but is always capable of generating voids in which the listener can take their place and fill them according to their own focus
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