Bolinus Brandaris: Flamenco From The Bay Of Cadiz



96-page hardcover book with lyric transcriptions, cultural and regional history, artist biographies, a glossary, and 46 photos printed on artbook-quality paper. Includes an audio CD. In 2015, New York-based producer David Aglow traveled to Spain searching for the roots of flamenco. At the time he set out on the recording project, a local newspaper wrote about Aglow's mission and referred to him as "an American in love with flamenco." It is his passion and drive to document the most authentic flamenco traditions of today that propels our new release "Bolinus Brandaris: Flamenco from the Bay of Cadiz.”
"Bolinus Brandaris" takes the listener to the Bay of Cadiz, which is often referred to as cuna del cante (cradle of song). This southernmost part of mainland Spain is considered the birthplace and heartland of flamenco, where many song styles originated then radiated out through the rest of Andalusia. Expertly recorded with modern technology in informal settings, these recordings document flamenco culture as it is being lived in present times. This release includes a comprehensive 96-page book with lyric transcriptions, cultural and regional histories, artist biographies, and a glossary in PDF format
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