Live document of Princess Diana of Wales at Cafe OTO July last year and Thomas Bush performing in Copenhagen in March of this. We were actually in attendance at the PDoW show, but all i really remember of it was the dawning realisation that we had Covid and needing to leave promptly, missing most of the performance as a result (and Thomas Bush's headline set that night, though i guess they didn't record that and couldn't include here - we shall never know what it was like)
This cassette jogs a few memories of the smoky, heatsick dub incantations that Laila Sakini conjured while sat cross-legged in the middle of the room, a purgatorial kind of sound that actually provides a remarkable fit for the burgeoning confusion of our disease-addled minds that night. Cool to re-live. Bush's 45 min performance on the flip is a neat foil, all strange clang and Cold Storage/Psychic TV low-key malevolence, not unlike being trapped inside the stereo of Christopher Petit's Radio On. High praise indeed. Note to self: don't get sick next time Thomas Bush is in town. This'll do just fine in the meantime
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