Tips Zum Selbstmord



50th Anniversary official reissue of this Holy Grail Kraut album from 1972. Real underground heavy prog / psychedelic hard-rock with raw, in-your-face production, German lyrics, insane acid-fuzz guitar, garage organ and dark, proto-doom atmosphere…the real deal!
Named after the famous Lovecraft book, Necronomicon formed in the German town of Aachen in 1970, first influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Hendrix…In 1972 they entered a small studio in the Dutch border and recorded in just five days a concept album named Tips zum Selbstmord. The title of the album roughly translates as “Tips on how to commit suicide” but the message the band wanted to give had nothing to do with taking your own life but instead with how mankind was facing self destruction, destroying its own planet by pollution, wars, exploitation and overpopulation
500 copies of the album were privately pressed by the band, housed in a lavish, cross shaped multi fold-out cover. It was a graphical translation of what they wanted to express musically. Original copies are impossible to find, making it one of the most desirable and sought after Kraut / German albums ever. Here’s a long overdue new vinyl reissue
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