Ishin Denshin



„There are imaginary signs or signals that make your arm twitch mutely. In such cases, you may have to interpret the meaning of such a "message". If you ignore it, it's almost certain that nothing will happen, but you may also miss the chance to change your life because you passed a potential turning point and didn't notice.”
There were once many worlds on this Earth. Each had its own land, language, population, borders and history. There were people and societies. They already looked alike, but they didn't realise it. When the borders disappeared, the looked at each other, but by this time suddenly, the languages and the histories also disappeared. The present worlds do not have any Earthly home, they have moved to the kingdom come of the collective subliminal sociostasis. There they are still living for a while, exactly so long as humans have human form and the time for transhuman cultures arrives. To fumble about in this gap of time bubble, that has been opened for a short time between the collapse and the vanishing of the borders of cultures: this is the science of Ishin-denshin burdened with Heisenberg’s paradox. Don’t forget: never before and never after. (eL-Hortobagyi-Hortator)
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