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In the dimly lit corners of Australia's underground music scene, there exists a name that has been haunting the eardrums of the brave and unsettlingly curious for decades. Scattered Order, a noise band formed by three enigmatic figures - Mitchell Jones, Michael Tee and Shane Fahey stands as an embodiment of auditory torment. With their latest compilation album, Scattered Order, weathered by time and soaked in a sea of dissonance, look back on a dark and noisy musical journey that has been nothing short of disturbing. Scattered Order's origins trace back to a time when post punk noise was still in its laborious infancy. The trio emerged from the shadows, wielding their arsenal of unconventional instruments and a twisted vision of sonic exploration
Their dissonant symphony was constructed from the shattered remnants of sanity, with every note plunging the listener deeper into a void of despair. A cacophony of industrial clanks, distorted wails, and pulsating rhythms created a soundscape that mirrored the fractured psyche of its creators. As the band delved further into the uncharted depths of their musical abyss, the dark spectre of death and obscurity loomed overhead. Scattered Order's compositions seemed to devour the light, leaving only an unsettling void in their wake. Their performances became ritualistic ceremonies of chaos and catharsis, drawing in the deranged and the daring, eager to be consumed by the unsettling atmosphere they conjured. With each passing year, Scattered Order's name faded into the depths of collective memory, sinking into the annals of a forgotten era. The band's uncompromising pursuit of disquietude isolated them from the mainstream, relegating them to the fringes of the avantgarde
Yet, their influence lingered in the cracks and crevices of experimental music, inspiring a generation of sonic miscreants to push the boundaries of audial torment. Now, in the twilight of their musical pilgrimage, Jones, Tee and Fahey reflect on a lifetime dedicated to disturbing the auditory senses. Their new compilation album stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to discordance and their refusal to conform to societal norms. It is a mosaic of disfigured sounds, a symphony of terror and unease that beckons the brave to embark on a sonic odyssey into the depths of their own subconscious fears. Scattered Order's legacy is not one of commercial success or mainstream recognition, but rather an unsettling imprint on the souls of those who dare to explore the darker corners of music. Their journey has been a descent into madness, a descent that has left them weathered and worn, yet forever haunted by the symphony of chaos they created
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