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Step into the enigmatic world of Kranivm, a haunting music project born in 1993 from the depths of Marco Corbelli's tormented imagination. Drawing inspiration from a diverse tapestry that spans the eerie ambience of Cold Meat Industry's early releases, the unsettling surrealism of Gothic literature, ritualistic mysticism, until to the cinematic visions of directors Ken Russel and Amando De Ossorio, Kranivm embodies an audial journey into the darkest corners of the human psyche. Through dissonant soundscapes, Corbelli intricately wove together influences that evoked discomfort, introspection, and a mesmerizing sense of dread
Kranivm beckons like a whispered secret, inviting listeners to peer into Marco Corbelli's creative abyss. This auditory manifestation serves as a vessel for Corbelli's unbridled exploration of sonic frontiers beyond the realm of conventional musical norms. Employing innovative techniques and meticulous aural manipulations, Kranivm unfurls an atmosphere teeming with unease, mirroring Corbelli's own fearless quest to venture into the most obscure corners of existence. Kranivm's legacy is intricately interwoven with the fabric of Slaughter Productions, the notorious label skillfully helmed by Corbelli himself. Under the Slaughter Productions banner, Kranivm birthed a trilogy of cassette tapes, each encapsulating a fragment of Corbelli's artistic psyche. "Insanatorivm," "The Brighter Edge of Death," and "I - The Blood" are not mere recordings; they are experiential gateways that beckon listeners to confront their own apprehensions and traverse the depths of Corbelli's creative abyss
These tapes, now legendary, served as portals into Corbelli's inner world, inviting the brave-hearted to partake in his journey through the shadows. In each sonic composition, Corbelli's meticulous craftsmanship was evident, transforming sound into an avenue for emotional resonance and visceral introspection. The symbiotic relationship between Kranivm and Slaughter Productions not only solidified Corbelli's place in the annals of industrial music but also set the stage for an enduring exploration of sound that resonates to this day. Traverse a spectrum of emotions ranging from discomfort to morbid fascination as you journey through the auditory labyrinth that reflects the mind of a visionary artist. Through this reissue, you'll honor Marco Corbelli's enduring legacy, his influence forever etched into the industrial and experimental music tapestry
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