St Tropez



Normally the band members of Ellende (friends for over thirty years) would get together in their Cape Town studio (The Plantation) and during a relatively a short period of time intensively work on something that could be released as an album. A few weeks before getting together, a theme would be chosen out of the repertoire of work specifically created by Wim Bontjes (a dearly missed founding member of Ellende). Due to the Covid outbreak this release, like the previous release Unintentional Consequences, was recorded by each individual member of Ellende in their own respective home studios in either Cape Town, London and Tokyo
As mentioned in the text accompanying this tape, a variant of the Memory Loci Methodology, developed by Wim was used to evoke a past holiday set in St Tropez. It tries to evokes a distant past of pine trees, sand, child play in the sea of a warm Mediterranean holiday. Memories as the WB’s methodology suggests are fixed points in a past that is filtered, distorted by a nostalgic (even addictive) yearning to those lost moments in the past. The purpose of this exercise has been an effort (needlessly doomed to fail from the beginning) of using music (like that cliched Madeleine) to evoke a moment of the past of a member of Ellende but which might resonate in anyone
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