Tomas Knoflicek is a musician, sound artist and curator. His compositions consist of a combination of glitch structures, computer deconstruction, soundscaping, field recordings and acoustic instruments, including historical psaltery or guitar. Rather than composing, working with sound is a way for him to develop his own sensitivity to the world around him and the phenomena or situations that surround him. His compositions have the character of time cans in which he stores specific stimuli and experiences. However, they also serve as a means of fixing and concentrating his distracted mind. Tomáš Knoflí?ek is a member of the visionary quartet Gurun Gurun (Home Normal, Silver Rocket, Buh Records) or the audiovisual project LyrArkestra+, which focuses on the interpretation of graphic scores by prominent Czech and Slovak visual artists (Milan Adamciak, Jan Steklik, etc.). He is also the organiser of the Cuckoo festival of art in public space (
Serendipity is an abstract record straddling the line between silence and verbosity. It responds to external stimuli, but at the same time it is also intrinsically introspective. The form of the recording - like the steps of the flaneur - was influenced primarily by chance. It is shaped by an associative yarn of sounds, so it is actually waiting for a suitable constellation, a dialogue between artificial and natural, everyday and festive
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