A Circle of Grey



Xing presents the new LP A Circle of Grey by Valerio Tricoli, eleventh release of XONG collection - artist records. The release is on white vinyl, in a limited numbered edition of 150 copies. The collector's edition consists of 20 copies accompanied by a unique cassette tape loop, titled and signed by the artist: 20 short compositions, each developed from a different sonic fragment of the record. A Circle of Grey is an electroacoustic composition blending philosophical contemplation on transience, impermanence and musical exploration. Its unique sonic palette takes on the refractions of a non-colour and an experience poised between tangibility and abstraction
Primarily utilizing synthesizer sounds and manipulations of found sounds through a Revox B77 tape machine, A Circle of Grey defies easy categorization, as Valerio Tricoli seamlessly integrates a variety of techniques and elements into a dry, broken, deserted but eventually haunting sonic landscape. At its core, A Circle of Grey is characterized by a constant tension between sounds shimmering on the surface of the loudspeakers and sounds moving in the depths of the aural field, as if an imagined reality is experienced through the ever-changing reflections of broken glass. An apparently aimless, timeless wandering on sands of silica and quartz, where all is co-present and distant, asserted and negated, where relics of humanity are found and soon lost
Opting for an evocative, non-descriptive plan, the composition calls for interpretative ambiguity: despite these existential themes, there is also a sense of beauty and hopefulness. Tricoli's use of circularity and subtle variations in timbre and dynamic create a sense of depth and progression aimed to transcend linear time, the movements in the composition continuously folding back on themselves and echoing in the listener's mind
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