In the Summer Dusk



Glass-mastered CD housed in mini-LP sleeve. Seattle-based, Turkish-born Deli Kuvveti is known for building immersive, complex microtonal worlds. The blend of floating harmonic drones and granular bursts in the compositions on the Even After album have been compared to works of a wide range of composers from Xenakis to Jim O'Rourke, but also have been noted for their idiosyncratic sonic language of non-Western harmonies and outstandingly psychedelic nature
"In The Summer Dusk" is a new work by Deli Kuvveti, which is a continuation of the direction taken in "Even After," but even more refined, balanced and brilliantly mastered by Stephan Mathieu
"With this album I wanted to create distinct musical movements that flow into each other effortlessly. I set up a granular synthesis “machinery” which I evolved by slightly changing the current configuration. Using this iterative process, I generated movements with textured sounds to create 2 distinct narratives. I aimed for an album that sounds fuzzy and warm but that also has dark undertones for contrast - like a palette that welcomes all colors and shades. Hopefully, the end result is an immersive experience that takes you to a different time and place."
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