Le Jour D'après



Glass-mastered CD housed in mini-LP sleeve. The always prolific Bruno Duplant returns to the solo dimension by packaging a new immersive itinerary with decidedly crepuscular traits. The nocturnal one, on the other hand seems to be a dimension particularly dear to the French composer considering the frequency with which it is elected as the setting of his electroacoustic drifts
In "Le Jour D'après," however, we find ourselves at its limit, in the presence of a cold dawn that accompanies the unfolding of an action made of ambient resonances and concrete textures trapped in distorted modulations. The formula is still that of a long, slowly developing sequence plan punctuated by sparse piano stille - the track is not by chance dedicated to Guy Vandromme - diluted in this deeply tactile crackling matter
The interest in 20th-century avant-garde research interpolated with a love of literature, of static and moving images always shines through with relentless clarity, infusing a pronounced cinematic sense to a rarefied sound stream capable of inexorably rapturing
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