‘Pangrams’ documents the first meeting between Brussels based Italian pianist Giovanni Di Domenico and the Norwegian accordionist Kalle Moberg. A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the two encountered each other for a residency with a septet at De Singer in Rijkevorsel. The confrontation between these remarkable improvisers in the ensemble sparked off some fascinating duo interactions, which they decided to explore straightaway. In an empty De Singer – concerts were still limited to online events only – Di Domenico and Moberg made recordings on the spot that capture the strange mixture of emotions that defined that dark period in recent history
The stylistic diversity and the wide range of emotions this duo manages to evoke on ‘Pangrams’ with piano and accordion is nothing short of spectacular. In the gloomy and restless ‘Sensitive Spirit’, only a glimmer of hope shines through in an otherwise pitch-black musical landscape. Yet it is the same musicians who pour out their hearts in the lyrical ‘Secret Passion’, a beautiful piece of free improvisation evoking a magical folky atmosphere. While listening to the four pieces on ‘Pangrams’, the listener is confronted with a myriad of impressions. This way the duo captivates from start to finish on their debut
By exploring the full register of their instruments and engaging in some fierce duets, Di Domenico and Moberg create an impressive document that bears few resemblances. ‘Pangrams’ is spontaneous music at its most passionate: full of friction but with a big heart
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