Halfway To A Threeway



Jim O'Rourke's Halfway to a Threeway comes across as a portable, stripped-down version of Eureka's lush fusion of symphonic pop, folk, jazz, and soft rock. Though it's not quite as elaborate as the album, the EP's four songs also show that O'Rourke is both a skilled instrumentalist and polished songwriter. "The Workplace" is a witty tale of androgyny and cross-dressing that features vocals from the Sea and Cake's Archer Prewitt and Sam Prekop, while the charming instrumental "Not Sport, Marital Art" mixes loping, slightly jazzy guitars, syncopated percussion, and snazzy cornet flourishes
"Fuzzy Sun" is the kissing cousin of Eureka's "Ghost Ship in a Storm," yet it has its own melancholy charm. Best of all, though, is the epic title track; lyrically and musically, it's as darkly humorous and moving as anything O'Rourke produced for Smog. He makes lyrics like "Can't wipe this smile off my face/As you strut by in your leg brace" seem poignant, thanks to the song's beautiful, spooky harmonies and delicate guitar work. On its smaller scale, Halfway to a Threeway is just as successful as Eureka at showcasing Jim O'Rourke's musical innovation, warmth, and humor
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