Flowers Of Evil



A dark occult masterpiece - originally released in 1969 it makes much contemporary dark electronic music sound like playskool. It is in my opinion one of the finest electronic music records one could ever wish to hear. This LP was sonically advanced at the time and still sounds positively evil. Ruth White was a self taught synth pioneer who's name rarely gets mentioned in the avant-garde electronics history books. Here she assembled her electronically treated readings of Charles Baudelaire's poetry with spooky synth-scapes, strange electronic backdrops/ drones and tape collage to create an eternal classic in a leauge of its own. Imagine if Delia Debyshire were possessed by Aleister Crowley
This re-edition faithfully reproduces the original, released in the U.S. Limelight , thus contributing in some way to combine the name of the other Ruth White 's pioneering electronics like Daphne Oram, Suzanne Ciani, Laurie Spiegel or Eliane Radigue, among others, also have recently some of their work to be recovered classical present, in most cases vinyl edition. The Flowers of Evil case, however, the most unique
Undisputed masterpiece, this album, which is certainly to have been part of the listening habits of Trish Keenan of Broadcast, is the result of highly personalized vision of Ruth who used the classic Baudelaire as a pretext for an investigation into the properties most intimate, spiritual up, the sound itself. Ruth White signed an extensive work in the area of discs for children, but also had a fascination with the occult has dedicated an album to the Tarot cards (Seven Trumps From The Tarot Card And Pinions, 1968) and that other readings of the work's Baudelaire's flowers of Evil, supported by a fairly gloomy music that reflected the tone of the night poems
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