Perpetual Care



The bulk of Perpetual Care, Early Fern’s third album for Métron Records, was inspired by memories of a time and place of great emotional significance. Early and their partner had been working at a rural farm in Central New York, living in a small campervan nestled in a valley between two long ridges, with flowing creeks and rocky waterfalls, surrounded by hemlock and maple trees
Unexpectedly they were evicted from this place of vast natural wonder and their lives were hastily upturned. Unable to return to the place they had grown so fond of, Perpetual Care stands as a document to this moment of upheaval in Early’s life and the recollection of their former home
A deeply personal record, Perpetual Care stands as the first musical creation from Early after beginning hormone replacement therapy for gender transition, an experience they believe heavily informed their relationship to their memories and to these songs. But despite this intimacy, with Early bravely sharing their interior experience with the world, Perpetual Care is an overflowing and expressive ode to the life force of Mother Nature. Densely layered, the album ebbs and flows and stands as a rich sonic monument to the beauty and healing power of nature
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