Quelque chose s'est dissipé



Audrey Carmes is a composer and artist based in Paris, France. Having graduated from the Paris School of Fine Art, she found herself drawn towards the city’s experimental electronic music, developing a sound practice that she combined with her poetry and writing. On her spellbinding debut album Quelque chose s'est dissipé, Carmes creates spacious worlds that shimmer with subtle intricacy. Inspired by krautrock, ambient and avant-garde electronic music, the French artist draws on a range of sonic elements to create her own distinct blend of sound design and composition
Songs build through evolving layers of synthesizer, easing the album seamlessly through its eleven tracks, surrounding Carmes’ delicate vocals and spoken word segments with bass guitar, vibraphone and flute. “This album was conceived as a contemplative journey, a remedy spelt with whispers, hushed soundscapes and repetitive patterns, it hosts the wish to find both appeasement and peaceful strength”
For Carmes, the making of the album became a path towards healing. Examining her thoughts and experiences, she treated the creative process as an experiment in care. Indeed, the rough English translation of the album title reads ‘something has dissipated’. “Through this project I entered into movements of introspection and reconstruction. It was a kind of a meditation on the vertigo of our existence by approaching the void, getting lost and finally coming back to familiarity’’
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