Dream Nightclub



Glass mastered CD in hand-stamped and stickered wallet, and housed in a biodegradable sleeve. “It seems unlikely that Where To Now Records would want to release something made in a shack on a river conservation property outside Melbourne Victoria. I've attempted to make the music that I hear in the dance clubs I dream about. I've never really been to a dance club.. but I'm trying to be sophisticated.”
Club music reimagined in an off grid Australian floodplain, of course this is something we’d want to release. Thankfully the accompanying music to the above sentence submitted by Timothy Brown aka TKB is every bit as intriguing as you might hope. ‘Dream Nightclub’ is a truly downbeat and dubbed journey through murky and swamped fourth world bass ambience, and longing, freeform minimal electronics
TKB’s drum programming throughout is primitive, minimal, and unnervingly off kilter - shuffling its way through a world which waits… There’s a palpable sense of spirituality lurking low level below Timothy’s electronic works, where ambient scapes move from the deeply minimal, to the lush sublime, to the dense and agitated seamlessly, all underpinned with this submerged experimentalism - conversing with the still oddities which lurk the swamps and plains that consume Timothy’s day to day. Seeming to draw influence from the minimal pulse of Jan Jelinek, the fourth world ambience of Jon Hassel, and the open Dub experimentalism of Early On-U-Sound acts like The Missing Brazilians and African Head Charge, TKB has channeled these experimental strands into something truly dreamlike - a submerged trip which is shrouded in a dense fog…
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