Spot varnish sleeve. Dry Speed is probably one of the best kept secrets in contemporary improvised music. Featuring Dirk Wauters, Thomas Olbrechts and Joachim Devillé, this Belgian instant no-jazz band has been active since 2002. Anno 2023, Dry Speed continues to explore uncompromised ways of improvisation
“Too often we describe music using classifications; genres like “jazz,” “experimental,” “avant-garde” are an easy shorthand to relay the rough parameters of the music to another person who may not have heard it. But these words are useful because they’re so vague, and they are most often used when the impression the music makes is equally vague. But when a group makes sounds that move the listener, these terms don’t hold up
Dry Speed has released a record that is, at turns, futuristic and organic. It feels alien and new, like plastic or titanium, but at the same time as if it is shrouded in the natural, growing like moss or amplifying the sound of a great tree’sroots. ‘Indium’ gives the listener multiple entry points into the trio’s music: from a broad soundscape to a densely knitted series of minute and exacting musical gestures. “ --- Nate Wooley (trumpet player and composer), May 2023
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