Pro-dubbed cassette tape with inlay card. Two Form a Click (DJ Snaffy, Wretchen Redspiders) collide with Horatio Pollard to deliver two sides of beautifully coalesced psychedelic synthesis, heavy with dub’s production values and freed from the grid of analog electronics
Though primarily operated by the duo of Snaffy and Redspiders, 2FAC has an open door policy which is happy to embrace lone lurkers such as Pollard. Pollard, born in Ibiza, raised in the UK and resident in Berlin since the mid 2000’s, has surely been exposed to all ends of electronic experimentation, especially those seeking resistance or relief. There's not much about him online, except the suggestion that he’s been ‘around for a long time’ and that he might have once lived in Norfolk. What audio traces there are outline the cheerier end of experimental noise; distorted analog regurgitation and 80’s Korg hooks. Entwined in the triple helix of 2FAC, it’s hard to distinguish what he’s responsible for, so snugly does he coil up amongst his sapphic sisters
Backpfeifenphaseshift begins with the first wet echo drops of ‘Reservoir’. A twin being calls to us from subterranea as its surroundings surface, pitch bent and misty. ‘Through a Glass Lozenge’ we begin to see more - increasingly convoluted textures and contrapuntal percussion begin to form some sort of roughed up kinetic motion, an illusionary wagon wheel which roots you to the spot. ‘Thick Strand Universe’ kicks out mutated rhythms, drill fire, snappy hi hats. It’s a herky jerk club track but yet it syncs; it’s three inputters spinning in a weird kind of counterbalance, seeking less to violently overload and more for the right tools to engage, unlock and protect surrounding beings in some kind of weirdo phagocytosis. Its movement recalls early Tony Soprano era Ailie Ormston in its physicality, but with the telepathic healing properties of Calsutmoran
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