Music For The Man Who Grew Common In Wisdom



Besom Presse announces the release of Ellen Fullman’s Music for the Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom. Known prominently for her sculptural Long String Instrument (LSI), these musique concrete pieces showcase an underrecognized side of Fullman’s sound investigations. In two expansive works, Fullman voyages through the comic, the menacing and the blissful all while evoking the unique kinetic and timbral aesthetic for which she is widely praised. Composed between 1987-1989, while living in Austin, Texas, the music originally served as accompaniment to choreographer Deborah Hay's dance piece of the same name. The besom presse release presents the last two movements of the full composition
"Music For The Gardener" uses the image of a curbside garden decorated with bits of broken glass and scrap wood. Recordings of these materials are manipulated with a prophet sampler to build an audio mosaic out of discarded things. "Music For The Aviator" is rooted in Deborah’s directive: "we contain the mystery, but we don't know what it is."
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